Welcome to catholicsedalia.org

Greetings and welcome to the Catholic Church website for Pettis County. Much

has happened since the late 1830ís when a few German families settled in the

southeast corner of† the county to establish the first parish west of St. Louis in

Bahner. This was the only Catholic Church for miles around until after the

Civil War. It was around 1876 when the Irish moved in the area and established

St. Patrick church in Spring Fork, MO. With the growth of the German and Irish

communities as well as the growth of the population in Sedalia, the two

communities of Bahner and Spring Fork remained small while there was a need

for larger churches in Sedalia. In 1882 the primary Catholic communities, Irish

and German, decided to build communities based on language and culture.

In those days, the decision was made that it was more beneficial to have ethnic

parishes in order to meet the needs of their constituents. The Missionaries of the

Precious Blood Community were able to satisfy this approach since, at that time,

all the members of this Community spoke German since we arrived from Germany

in 1844 on the banks of the Mississippi and went to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati at the request of the Archbishop. It was in 1882 that Fr. Bernard Dieckmann, C.PP.S. became the first Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish.


Since then, much has taken place within the American and Catholic system of planning for the future. No longer do we interpret separation as beneficial but rather, now we approach both our social and religious lives more in terms of embracing the gifts of all and believing that in the sharing of all the gifts, we are stronger and better equipped to give a greater witness to what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ. Thus, in 1984, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood also began to minister to the people of St. Patrick, originally an Irish parish, begun in 1862. Prior to this, each parish operated independently one from another but now, it became clear that it would be beneficial to begin looking at how the two parishes could enhance each other by working and sharing together in many of the ministries in which we were each engaged.


With this understanding of what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ, another gift was offered to our community when our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters moved into the area to satisfy the employment needs as well as expand our Catholic expression of faith. While the Irish and German languages have by and large been put away, the Spanish language is still very much alive and prospering. And just as it took many generations for the German language to become absorbed into the English-speaking community, so also will it take many generations before all our Spanish-speaking members will be able to converse in English. However, we are beginning to realize the great gift of being bi-lingual; so the hope is that those who presently speak Spanish will no longer need to give their language up but combine it with English and other languages to build our Church as well as our wider community.


Welcome to the future of the Catholic Church of Pettis County. Join us in our worship, in our ministries, in our witness to being good stewards of Godís many gifts.

Fr. Mark Miller, C.PP.S.